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Overview of Service

Chronic disease is a major driver of rising health care costs as people with chronic conditions typically use more health care services and resources. As the prevalence & associated costs of chronic disease continue to grow, management of such conditions becomes a pressing global concern.

Care for the chronically ill presents an opportunity for improved health outcomes through disease management programs. Disease management programs use proactive and preventative approaches to provide better care for patients with specific chronic conditions, reduce complications and utilization of expensive hospital resources.

Hala Disease Management Programs focus efforts on improving overall health for patients with chronic disease through an integrated care approach. Hala’s unique strategy features broad- based educational programs, tele-monitoring, care coordination and outcome evaluation.

All program efforts are based on  Hala’s underlying premise that individuals can make informed choices about their own health and medical care if they are provided information about their disease, self-care management & are guided and supported throughout the treatment journey. Hala disease management programs help participants understand the factors that impact health status and support them in making changes toward improved health outcomes.

Our Chronic Condition Care Can Provide



  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Digital Health Services




  • Diabetes Care
  • Hypertension Care


Why Hala Healthcare

  • Highly experience team of specialistss
  • Integrated and multi-therapy approach enables us to take a holistic view of patient needs and provide superior outcome
  • Tailor-made sessions and care plan for each individual
  • Instant confirmation of home visit
  • Continuous monitoring and treatment progress with feedback & counseling
  • Transparent pricing

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