For anemia patients .. 5 healthy meals that you should eat during Ramadan

Patients with anemia or anemia suffer from iron deficiency, which may cause a decrease in blood circulation during fasting hours, so they need to eat healthy meals rich in iron and vitamins that facilitate iron absorption, for breakfast during the month of Ramadan. 5 meals that you can use to increase iron in the blood and treat anemia during Ramadan.

Whole grains and orange juice

This simple meal is considered the best to break the fast of an anemia patient, especially since whole grains such as oats or brown bread are rich in iron, and orange juice prepared at home contains vitamin C, which helps absorb iron in the blood

Beef and watercress

It is preferable when eating the basic breakfast to contain an animal protein product, such as a slice of beef, because protein increases the production of red blood cells, thus increasing hemoglobin in the blood, and adding the steak on watercress, or replacing it with a type of vegetable Rich in iron

Salmon and spinach

The meal of smoked salmon and spinach with the addition of bagel bread and cream cheese, is an ideal meal for anemia patient, because it is a snack that does not contain many calories, and is rich in nutrients that anemia patient needs, with the American bagel “Dunkin” Contains 15% of iron per 100 grams

Lamb and boiled potatoes

The advantage of lamb and boiled potatoes with broccoli and cabbage, as a non-fatty meal for breakfast, as well as it contains protein necessary to increase haemoglobin in the blood, stimulate blood circulation and thus reach the organs, and protect anemia patient from fainting during fasting, in addition to the vegetables that include these The meal is rich in iron


A vegetarian meal can be eaten to provide the body with the iron, vitamin C, and other beneficial nutrients it needs, and these elements are available in bean soup, and for greater benefit, add these nutritional ingredients: black peas, garlic, onions, red pepper, and tomatoes, and you can get a taste through Add cheese to the face or yogurt.

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