How does the food you eat affect your mental health and what you can do about it

Eating healthy food promotes stable mental health and the growth of “good” bacteria. Your food also has a great impact on your neurotransmitter production. When consuming junk food, you are more likely to get inflammation, on the other hand, when consuming healthy food, your brain receives positive messages and it gives you good mental health. This article discusses how food affects your mental health and what kind of food is beneficial for you. 

How does food affect your mental health?

The connection between food and mental health comes from the relationship between your brain and your gastrointestinal tract. Your gastrointestinal tract has billions of bacteria that impact the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. This explains the reason why the food you consume might not produce neurotransmitters that stabilizes your mood and well-being. Hala Health provides a particular service in which they offer personalized health solutions based on comprehensive analyses of the human gut microbiome. It helps with the digestive system, sleep quality, immune system, weight control, and mental health. 

Sugar for example can lead to inflammation and produces “bad” bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Although it temporarily puts you in a good mood, it is not good for your health as in the long term, it affects your mental health. 

Food that is good for your mental health

Whole foods: Nutritionists and doctors revealed that people who eat whole food are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. On the other hand, food coloring and other additives worsen hyperactivity and leads to depression. 

Fiber: Food rich in fiber includes fruits, vegetables and nutrient-filled carbs likes whole grains and beans. It helps avoid sugar and therefore produces good neurotransmitters. 

Antioxidants: It exists a lot in berries, leafy greens, turmeric, and food with Omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and black chia seeds. Dark chocolates also have antioxidants but sugar as well. Therefore, it should be consumed moderately. 

Vitamin D: It helps with the production of serotonin which is usually acquired through the sun. However, some foods like mushrooms also have vitamin D. Or some doctors might recommend supplements which are also good for mood stabilizer. 

There are other types of foods that positively impact your health. It is important to be aware of the significance of food and its role in affecting your mental health. You can always reach out to our team and benefit from our latest service that helps you understand your body better, and get the help you need to maintain your ideal weight and glowing skin

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