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Overview of Service

When required, a Doctor will come to your home to offer you highly personalized, medical care combined with quality and compassion. From pediatric to elderly patients, you will be provided with care and assessment for non-emergency conditions that can typically be treated in an outpatient clinic setting, thus saving you time and effort. Ease your stress and anxiety, take comfort in knowing that your Doctor is only a phone call away.


Our Doctor at Home Services Include:

  • Doctor Home Visit
  • Medical Assessment & Check-up
  • Doctor Tele-Consultation
  • Medication Prescription & Delivery

Why Physician at Home

  • A licensed physician to visit you in your own home
  • Medical care at times convenient for you
  • Prevention of unnecessary hospital and emergency room visits
  • Your health issues, concerns and questions are all addressed
  • No time spent waiting at an outpatient clinic or facility
  • No risk of exposure to other patient’s infections unlike in a hospital or medical center setting
  • Follow-up appointments that are easy to schedule
  • Physician consultation and follow-up for non-emergency ailments
  • Medication prescription as per patient need and regulatory guidelines
  • Sick leave authorization

Why Hala Health

  • Highly experience team of physicians
  • Integrated and multi-therapy approach enables us to take a holistic view of patient needs and provide superior outcome
  • Tailor-made sessions and care plan for each individual
  • Comprehensive
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Instant confirmation of home visit
  • Continuous monitoring and treatment progress with feedback & counseling
  • 24×7 support for any query
  • Transparent pricing

Personalized Healthcare Services At Your Doorstep

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We are offering

  1. Physiotherapy session for 250 SAR
  2. Nursing or doctor visit 250 SAR
  3. COVID-19 test 500 SAR

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