Ramadan Tips for Patients with Hypertension

This article is presenting tips for patients with Hypertension. Hala Health’s medical team has highlighted the importance of consulting a treating physician before fasting to determine the patient’s ability to fast, also underlined the importance of taking blood pressure medication directly after performing the Taraweeh prayer (the night prayer in Ramadan), so that the body could restore homeostasis fluid balance. Besides, Hala Health medical team has advised those who may forget to take the blood pressure medication to promptly take it, if they remember within the same day​. But in case of remembering on the following day​, the dose should not be doubled.

Hala Health’s medical team has warned patients with hypertension that salt leads to high blood pressure; thus, they should reduce sodium intake. Besides, underscored the importance of consuming low-fat dairy products within meals, because such products contain yeast that helps lower blood pressure.

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